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Branding Guidelines for Internal Staff

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Editorial Team

Keep it casual, no need to be a newscaster.

Tone of voice
Always look for fun ways to say what you want. A message is better read when it’s simple to understand.

Photo choices


  • Cropping of the site is 600 x 400 px landscape format
  • Check! Check how it looks after you’ve uploaded it to make sure nothing is cropped out or covered by buttons.


  • Main focus take up 2/3 of the photo
  • Try to choose photos with bold dynamics and bright colors


  • Columns, Features, Entertainment, Lifestyle are Parent Categories and you must choose one
  • You may have cross subcategories, but as a rule of thumb, parent categories Column or Features will take the priority (for example, if daily charge and eye candy are both subcategories, then parent category Column should be chosen).


  • Check for existing tags
  • Before making new ones, think about if they will repeat again
  • No need to make separate tags for names in different languages
  • Try not to have more than 5 tags per post

Post Types

To help you get your content across in a creative way, you can utilize the site’s post types.


Good for: Regular text posts



Good for: Posts with many photos, Lists


  • Rotating slider that automatically pulls from the attached images in the media library (no need to insert gallery)
  • “Captions” and “Description” for each image can create title and text under each image.
  • Declutters the single post page of other images, so readers can just focus on the slider.


Good for: Charged Tunes, Videos


  • Inserts youtube video with a single link.
  • Automatically screen captures the featured image from the Youtube video (need to update post first to use this)
  • Declutters the single post page of other images, so readers can just focus on the video.

Break up long paragraphs

  • Using sub-headers (when posts get too text-heavy)
  • Calling out quotes
  • Numbered lists
  • Use the gallery post-type! (If your post has images/lists)




Design Team

Refer to the public Branding and Marketing page



  • Fonts for download in the Misc Files and Templates section
  • Visually align the text (story mode)
  • Kern and track (tighter for bigger font size)
  • Make contrast and create hierarchy!




Production Staff

Taking Photos at events

  • Move around and take shots from a variety of angles
  • Talk to your subjects, take natural shots
  • Make sure the artist’s face is recognizable (microphone not in the way)
  • Take photos of all everyone on stage, including band members
  • Retain a high shutter speed (at least same as your focal length) to capture movement
  • Include foreground objects to increase depth

Post Processing of Photos

  • Retain as much shadow detail as possible and beware of peaking highlights
  • Use the brush tool to make different exposure adjustments within a photo
  • Crop to fill the frame and also compose your image
  • Adjustment colors to render a natural skin tone with no awkward color cast
  • Export your photos with maximum width and height of 1000px


  • Watermark should include name of photographer and also logo of event organizer (download logo with extra space)
  • Horizontal and Vertical photos should have different Watermark settings:

    Size: 20
    Horizontal Inset: 2
    Vertical Inset: 1

    Size: 25
    Horizontal Inset: 2
    Vertical Inset: 1

  • When possible, place watermark at the bottom left corner of the photos

Download (Standard) Download (Space for extra logo)





Misc Files and Templates

Email signatures
Upon joining our family, you should have your very own gmail account under We will be using this email to contact you and also you will be able to use to for any external contact, so it’s important for you to change your signature to our standardized one.

To change your email signature in Gmail, login to your gmail account and then go to Settings. Under Signature, copy and paste our standardized signature from this page into the box. (Select all, copy and paste) After you paste it into the box, you can edit the text to your own name and information before you save.

Nexa –
Oswald –
Open Sans –
(Also available in AX3 Internal Dropbox here)

Corporate templates


Proposal Template





Internal Design Request Form

If you require a design done by the design team, please fill out the form in the link below. Please allow the design team at least 24 hours to email you back for a followup on your request.
Click here for the form

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