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At AX3 Multimedia, we dedicate ourselves in providing the latest Asian Lifestyle and pop culture news. We also provide services for Web Management, Design and Media Production for our clients to help them obtain their desired objectives through interactive design.

AX3 Multimedia Inc. is a collective of talented individuals who have a strong interest in Asian Lifestyle and Asian Pop Culture; each of us concentrating within our interests in entertainment, fashion, production and design. Our company originated with a group of friends that simply just wanted to create a collective blog ring to express their individual thoughts. The project was never intended to be competitive in the ever-growing hidden intentions of the common expressive groups through the worldwide web.

One of the similarities of our team is our strong connection that we have with our heritage to Asian pop culture. This connection has always influenced and inspired us through different ways and has notably shaped us as we grew up.

As our original blogs progressed, the AX3 movement has expanded and evolved to not only just a staple for our friends across the globe to stay connected to one another through this blog sphere. AX3 Multimedia also serves as an outlet to preserve and remember the pop and street culture throughout Asia that is nevertheless very distinct away from us physically but close in a sense that it has always influenced our creativity.

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