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Here are the nice things people are saying about us!

AX3 has been a delight to work with and has always been professional and courteous when dealing with talent. They have produced top-notch content on their site and is prompt with their reporting on top of being a joy to work with. They have always produced something we can all share among our network.

Henry Han – Manager, New Heights LLC

AX3 has been a strong supporter of Kollaboration and the movement. The staff are incredibly professional and produce high quality results. They really do an amazing job capturing the “wow” moments.

Kevin Park – Executive Director, Kollaboration Seattle

[We] partnered with AX3 for more than a year for the annual Chinese Restaurant Awards and Luxury & Supercar Weekend. They are truly passionate and creative to make noise for our events in the right youth market in Vancouver. Always a great experience to work with AX3!

Rae Kung – Director of Asian Media Relations, Luxury Supercar Weekend /Chinese Restaurant Awards

We worked with AX3 to produce our promotional videos, television commercials and concert trailers for The Frontline Tickets. They get to the heart of what we are looking for, then get out in the field with us and translate our message to video. We’d recommend you to others and definitely be working together again. Thanks AX3!

Alex Kwong – Director, The Frontline Tickets

Working with AX3 MultiMedia is full of fun, they have a lot of ideas and creation for CHARGED Magazine. Most of the Youth Generation recognize them because AX3 know what they need and want.

Tommy Lee – Print Solutions Professional of Horseshoe Press, Director of Business Development at What’s In Magazine

I sincerely appreciate when individuals are passionate about what they do and that is the impression that the AX3 team has given me during each time I have been able to work with them. Their professionalism and courtesy is top notch and I only look forward to the next time we will cross paths.

MC Jin – Catch Adventures Artist

It’s always such a pleasure working with the AX3 team. The energy they have and the passion for what they do is contagious, which makes the working atmosphere/environment not feel like work at all. I only wish them the best on their future endeavors, and I hope to collaborate with the AX3 team again real soon.

Joseph Vincent – Catch Adventures Artist

I have only the best to say about AX3’s crew. They were open to my client’s ideas and they are so creative. also I found AX3 very professional in their planning and execution of the photography and videography session. It was so much fun to work with during the shoot. I would highly recommend to people who are looking for a photographer or videographer.

Sonny Wong – Director of Singular Plural Events

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